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Nasal Endoscopy Procedure

Welcome to Anupama Hospital's informative guide on nasal endoscopy, an advanced diagnostic procedure used to evaluate nasal and sinus conditions. This detailed overview aims to provide valuable information about the procedure, its purpose, and the expert care provided by our healthcare team..

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What is Nasal Endoscopy?
Nasal endoscopy, also known as rhinoscopy or nasopharyngoscopy, is a diagnostic procedure that involves the use of a thin, flexible tube with a light and camera (endoscope) to examine the nasal passages, sinuses, and other areas of the upper respiratory tract.
Purpose of Nasal Endoscopy
Diagnostic Evaluation              |                      Assessment of Obstruction              |          Treatment Planning       |          Follow-up Monitoring
Benefits of Nasal Endoscopy
Accurate Diagnosis   |   Minimally Invasive   |   Real-Time Visualization    |    Guidance for Treatment    |     Biopsy Capability