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Best multispeciality hospital in thiurvandpuraM

Anupama multispeciality hospital, one of the best largest, most comprehensive, best  hospitals in Thiruvandpuram is recognized as a leader in leading-edge treatments and  patient- centered clinical care. Anupama  aspires to be the destination of choice for people seeking superior multispeciality healthcare ,This has been made possible by the talented medical professionals on board with expertise in many fields providing courteous compassionate care with a personal approach. The hospital has become the multispeciality hospital of choice to patients’ worldwide. Our real strength and incentive remains our strong sense of social commitment in providing affordable, multispeciality service oriented and patient-centered care. We are focused on a holistic healing encompassing all dimensions of human life – mind, body, and spirit. Over half a century we have been committing ourselves in serving the less fortunate sections of the society irrespective of caste or creed. We do this through our free outreach clinics & funding programs designed for the financially backward sections of our society etc. We are confident that our mission in providing excellent and affordable multispeciality healthcare to all will continue unabated in the future too.

Our team of highly trained doctors

“ No matter what your concern, your first stop is one of our accessible, multispeciality health professionals. ”

General Surgery

Dr Shyam Mohan MBBS MS

General Medicine & Neurology

Dr Titi Prabhakaran MBBS MS [Gen Med] $ DM Neurology


Dr. Mariamma MBBS, DGO


Dr. Savithry K.R. MBBS, DGO


Dr. Krishna Das MBBS MD [OBG]


Dr Ashok MBBS MS [Ortho]


Dr. Sabarinath MBBS MS [ENT]


Dr R Chellakannan MBBS.M S [Gen], PG Diphs [Diab], [Uro] F M.A.S


Dr Aswin C V Marish MBBS, DCH

Best multispeciality hospital thiruvandpuram

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Best multispeciality hospital thiruvandpuram

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Commitment to Quality Best multispeciality Care

Patient Centered-Care

Tailored to meet the needs of each individual and allows patients to remain in the comfort of their homes.

Quality Improvement

At Anupama best multispeciality hospital  We ‘are to continuously improve its standard of care delivery.

Healthcare Technology

Investment in rapidly developing healthcare technology allows We to further streamline services

Best multispeciality hospital thiruvandpuram
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Best multispeciality hospital thiruvandpuram
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No matter what your concern, your first stop is one of our accessible, expert multispeciality health professionals.

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We take our commitment to be your health care partner seriously. As primary multispeciality care providers

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Our building design, furnishings, and equipment are all selected to promote and aid in health and healing.

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